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Pre-order: Spaceship Shirt Set

$66.00 SGD $80.00 SGD

Est. arrival: Early November 2022

Space aliens are out to play! Deck your child in this comfy shirt and pair it with matching shorts to complete the look. Top it off as a pullover over any long-sleeved top if its chilly.

Featuring a functional pocket spaceship for a playful touch. Made out of 100% premium cotton for smooth and airy comfort. Thoughtfully designed for a relaxing fit, perfect for home wear or outdoor play. Great for every occasion!

 Size Neck Width Chest Sleeves Length  Length
90 15.5cm 34cm 21m 38cm
100 16cm 36cm 22cm 41cm
110 16.5cm 38cm 23cm 44cm
120 17cm 40cm
130 17.5cm 42cm
140 18cm 44cm 26cm 53cm

*All dimensions are measured lying flat.

Size Waist Length
90 23cm
100 24cm 33.5cm
110 25cm 35.5cm
120 26cm 37.5cm
130 27cm 39.5cm
140 28cm 41.5cm

*All dimensions are measured lying flat.

For girls:
Pom Pom Party Shirt Set

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