Sail into the New Year

A boat represents a journey, a crossing, an adventure. Let's sail into the new year with mimi mono's Spring-Summer 2022 collections that represent every unique personality.

Paper Boat Family CollectionIntroducing our Paper Boat print, lovingly hand-drawn and painted with a refreshing yellow. There's an outfit for dads now too!

Paper Boat CollectionFollowing this year's purple-coloured Pantone theme, our Paper Boat print looks great in a lighthearted purple as well.

Panda Siblings CollectionFeaturing Singapore's favourite animal! This gender-neutral Panda print siblings collection won the hearts of many right after its launch. Delicately crafted with 100% Japanese double gauze, it feels super soft to touch, and airy enough for tropical weather. Comfortably lounge at home, or roam around freely in them.

Hearts Family CollectionMatchy-matchy, family loving. This Hearts collection is perfect for family photoshoots when worn together, and stylish enough when worn alone. What's not to love with this heartwarming print?

Baby Rompers

Baby rompers! Snuggly enough to sleep with, cute enough to melt hearts everywhere. We've upped our game with animal designs to encourage more imaginative play!

Dress your family in our latest collections, and tag us at to safekeep your memories with us.