Behind the Print: Spring Blossom

If you've seen our seagulls collection, you'd remember Japanese printmaker, Itsuko Naka. Discover her works and inspiration behind the Spring Blossom print exclusive for Spring-Summer 2022.

About the artist
Itsuko Naka is a printmaker from Kyoto that makes original prints inspired by her daily life, such as the seasonal changes in Japan, the adorable animals, plants, and wild birds that flutter by. Her works are a blend of traditional and modern through the digitalisation of traditional paper cut patterns.
Spring Blossom Print
This watercolour print depicts Naka's expression of birds and flowers blossoming in spring. The harmony of nature is brought about by carefully cutting out each piece of paper to form each bird and plant.
Itsuko Naka
Inspired by Japan's ever-changing seasons, this print symbolise nature's regrowth after the chilly winter season.
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Shop Spring Blossom Collection
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