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Introducing furoshiki

Tokyo Sakura Furoshiki by Hannah Waldron

Featuring Tokyo Sakura Furoshiki by Hannah Waldron

Furoshiki is a square piece of cloth or fabric traditionally used for gift-wrapping and transporting goods. The word "furoshiki (風呂敷)" refers to both the craft and the cloth itself, which is also known for its elegant hand-painted designs and delicate craft using exquisite materials.

This piece is designed by Hannah Waldron, a UK-based artist and designer specializing in designing and creating research-led unique printed and woven textiles that have an emphasis on storytelling.

"Arriving in Tokyo city in that magic time between night and day, our train meanders through a tetris like metropolis, we become enveloped in a world of blocks, but as we look more we begin to see the traces of times past. Windows appear to flicker on and off, as people come and go, the city that never sleeps welcomes us with its glow." - Hannah Waldron


The multi-use of furoshiki

Originating from Japan, furoshiki has served its multi-purpose use since the 17th century. Since then, the art has spread across the world and widely used as gifts, wearable art, and fashionable accessories to accompany the home and office space.


Wear your furoshiki 

Our contemporary designs give a modern edge to the traditional furoshiki, and look stunning as a scarf, belt, or bandana.

Wear your furoshiki

Turn it into a bag

You can easily convert your furoshiki into a simple shoulder bag with any bag straps or hoops — ideal for lightweight travels, or in those unexpected moments when you need an extra bag. 

Turn your Furoshiki into a bag


Hang it in the home 

Turn your furoshiki into a beautiful artwork by hanging it with a display pole.

Beautify your space with furoshiki tapestry

Learn how to wrap 

The Japanese have perfected the art of wrapping furoshiki for over 400 years. You can use one of the many traditional techniques to elegantly wrap anything from books to bottles and make any gift extra special.

How to wrap using Furoshiki

Why multi-use matters 

To further emphasize on mimi mono's focus on art with lifestyle, the great thing about furoshiki is that they can be used in so many ways; they spend less time in your closet, and more time in use. We always encourage skin and planet friendly use of resources, and it helps you declutter your life a little bit too. Find out more about our sustainability project here.


The art and purpose of furoshiki has been appreciated by so many around the world. Check out the available designs by different artists in our lifestyle collection.