Family Fun with Pastel Watercolour Painting | mimi mono

In the spirit of our Dancing Polka Dots Collection, we are re-creating our signature polka dots with a simple DIY watercolour project that you could try with your little one! There are so many techniques to create dots but we are showcasing 3 easy ways– using a finger, sponge and brush to create pastel watercolour dots. Add fun elements like drawing faces to bring out the bubbly life of these cute little dots. Parents could encourage their kids by hanging their artworks on the wall, even as home decorations to recognise their artistic talents. We can't wait to see your recreations. Do tag us to share with us your works!

Watch our video tutorial

Introducing our Dancing Polka Dots collection 

Polka dots in soft shades of yellow, blue, green, red, pink, orange, and more appear to be dancing as they gather and scatter around. This print is designed in-house using the hand-drawn watercolor technique, depicting the bubbly life of those cute little dots. You will spot them lounging on your tummy or shoulder, and sometimes even hiding in your collar. 

There is a style for each family member so everyone can enjoy a matching moment with their loved ones. Playful when worn together and stylish when worn alone. This collection extends to lifestyle products including cushion cover and bags– you will be spoilt for choices! 

Check out the Dancing Polka Dots Collection.